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Fast. Virtually Pain Free. Safe for All Skin Types.




Virtually Painless 


Laser hair removal doesn’t have to be painful, expensive or take up so much of your time. We proudly use the Soprano Ice laser by Alma Lasers and our patients love the results! 


Here’s how it works: The Soprano laser uses in-motion technology and actually cools before, during and after the treatment. That eliminates the pain of traditional “Snap” laser treatments. 


Quick, Safe and No Downtime


That means your treatments are quicker, even for large areas such as the back or full leg and you can immediately return to normal activities. 


All Skin Tones and Hair Thickness 


Our Soprano laser is safe for all skin types, from the fairest light skin to the darkest skin tone – even on tanned skin. We deliver effective results for course or fine hair as well.


Perfect for Every Area of The Body 


 Because of its cooling and quick technology, the Soprano is perfect for every area of the body, including sensitive and hard to reach areas such as the brief and bikini area, eyebrows, ears and tummy. Our most popular treatments are face, legs, arms, underarms and back. 


A treatment series for laser hair removal averages about 4- 6 sessions for best results, and prices are based on treatment area. 


Book a free consult and let us help you get the results you want! 

The Aesthetics Center

Visit The Aesthetics Center located at 4960 Rice Mine Road NE, Suite 40, Tuscaloosa.

The Aesthetics Center


4960 Rice Mine Road Northeast, Suite 40

Tuscaloosa, AL 35406

Phone: 205-793-9495

DermCare Aesthetics offers a variety of laser hair removal services. Consultations are free. Please reach out and share information about your needs. We'll connect with you to schedule a consultation or treatment.

Thanks for reaching out to The Aesthetics Center. We will be in touch soon!

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