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body sculpting

& laser lipo

Be confident with body sculpting treatment made for you! Choose from Laser Lipo + Fat Transfer, Coolsculpting or RF Skin Remodeling.


You can now safely remove fat and transfer it to areas where you need more volume. This incredible technology is now available at The Aesthetics Center. We proudly use the BeautiFill Laser Liposuction and Fat Transfer technology from Alma Lasers.

What is BeautiFill? 

BeautiFill is a laser liposuction procedure that uses safe laser technology clinically proven to remove live fat cells from places you don’t want it then uses those same fat cells to areas where volume can be restored. 

BeautiFill is done in-office by Dr. Robert Bentley and requires no hospital stay. You can go home immediately after the procedure. We use only mild anesthesia so you are awake and able to talk with your doctor throughout the procedure. 

You can choose to remove volume from problem areas such as abdomen, arms, back, knees or thighs and transfer that volume elsewhere such as breasts, hands, face or buttocks. Or you can simple opt to remove the unwanted volume with no transfer. 


Downtime following a BeautiFill procedure is typically two to three days, although some soreness and discomfort will linger a few days longer with some patients.

Your physical activity may be limited, vigorous exercise should be postponed for at least two weeks. 

Your doctor will want to see your results at a 30 day follow up visit, and another one at 90 days. Most patients begin seeing noticeable results after 30 days with more improvement visible three months and more after the procedure.  

Fat Transfer results are seen immediately, as volume is placed in the wanted areas. 

Book a Free Consult now with our Certified Body Sculpting experts to find out if BeautiFill is right for you. 

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Freeze unwanted fat with one of the top Coolsculpting practices in Alabama. In the Aesthetics Center we have performed hundreds of Coolsculpting procedures with rave results from our patients. 

Coolsculpting freezes fat in a treatment that typically lasts 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on the areas treated. The fat is then metabolized by the body and once its gone, its gone! 

Book your Free Consult now with our Certified Body Sculpting Specialist to start your Coolsculpting plan today.

Accent Prime

Accent Prime is the latest body sculpting tool at DermCare Aesthetics. Using Ultra Sound and Radio Frequency energy, Accent Prime uses heat to shrink fat and tighten skin all in one relaxing treatment. 

There's no downtime, no prep needed (Other than drinking lots of water!)


You may choose to treat arms, legs, abs, face, neck. 

Packages come in a series of four treatments per area. 


The same amazing results you see with our popular Morpheus 8 treatment for your face is now available at DermCare Aesthetics for your entire Body!  

Morpheus8 (M8) Body is the latest radiofrequency microneedling technology FDA approved for deep tissue remodeling. This minimally -invasive treatment tightens skin, liquefies fat, and reduces the appearance of cellulite, all while improving the overall tone and texture of the skin. 

Morpheus8 Body can be used on all skin types and requires little to no downtime.  

During a Morpheus Body treatment, the device creates tiny, controlled wounds to the skin's upper layers at a depth that is customized for each patient. As the body repairs these injuries, it produces collagen and elastin—2 fundamental building blocks of smoother, tighter skin.  

We can target scarring, skin laxity, cellulite and pockets of fat effectively with a series of three treatments.  

Packages begin at $800 per treatment and consults are always Free!  


Watch this animation to see how Morpheus Body works!

Morpheus 8 Body

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